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Tuesday Tunes Featuring Lloyd Carter

Georgia native, Lloyd Carter, shares his excitement over the recent release of his debut album, Nothing to Lose. He talks about his plans for the rest of 2020 and how he spends his leisure time down South. Given his talent and confidence, it's not a question of if but more a question of how soon he will break through the country music scene.

Thank you for talking with us! You just released a new album Nothing to Lose, tell us about the title. Well the single “Nothing To Lose” is about a man from Tennessee who’s willing to give it all up for a lady he’s met down in the Louisiana bayou.

As far as titling the album, Nothing To Lose, my two writing partners and myself have been in the music business for a number of years and faced many battles. There’s a lot of heartache in the music business, but there’s also a lot of joy. Some of the most talented musicians I’ve met in the past were dealing with some sort of demons or heartache and those are the ones who have the most sad stories in the music business. But then there are the ones I’ve met that have had the most joy in the music business. They set out on a mission,stuck with it, tuned out all of the negative noise and fought for what was rightfully theirs

Favorite lyric/song from this album. “Drunk on her lips and high on her kiss, I’m spinning in a circle of Louisiana mist,” man I love romance!!

How was it choosing the songs to include? Any song that did not make the album that you now wish did? Each one of those songs are a piece of Gary DiBenedetto, Henry Mcgills, or my life. We tried to stick with the mission of every song to tell a story. Sometimes a good guy doesn’t always win, but it doesn’t mean we still can’t root for them.

How long have you been honing your craft as a singer/songwriter? I’ve been an avid music lover all my life and a musician for most. I have a notebook for thirty plus years of scribbles of thoughts, lines, and stories. Two years ago, I had the privilege of meeting the two gentlemen that I write and produce music with. We got together and lightning struck between the three of us and now here we are with this album that we’re so proud of.  I tried to make a serious go in the music business back when I was in my twenties, but then real life kicks in and it’s time to get the steady job with a steady income to take care of the family. I’m so blessed in my life to have a precious wife that realizes how much I truly love writing songs and singing and  she brought it to my attention that this is what I should be really doing.

What is it like to try and break into the country music scene? This is really an interesting time. For years artists used to think if they could just get a record deal they made it, but that’s not necessarily the case. The independent country music scene is on fire right now and it’s amazing hearing the creativity out of all these artists that literally just come out of nowhere. 2020 has been an interesting year, it’s been a year for heartbreak for the most part for people financially and physically. My thought and prayers go out to them.

How are you inspired by your rock and country music heroes? One of my absolute favorite classic rock singers growing up was Steve Perry with Journey. I love how he could take a tender moment in a song and just paint that picture with his vocal abilities. As far as one of my favorite classic country artist, it would have to be Keith Whitley. He positively has one of the greatest voices in country music and was gone way too early in his life. Just hearing his tone and delivery on every phrase in every single song would just leave people wanting more.

Outside of music, how do you spend your time? I have a few hobbies that I love to do in my spare time. I’m not much of a fisherman, but I absolutely love going out on the boat in the Gulf of Mexico. It’s nothing for me to get up early in the morning head out with the family or some close friends and spend the whole day out there. As long as the beverages are cold and the music is playing,  I’m good.

Who was your first concert? I would have to say it would’ve been at Holiday Beach in Douglas, Georgia. I saw Ronnie Milsap. I thought he was the coolest when he sat down at that piano and bonded with the audience and just sang his heart out. He connected to that audience just like he was sitting there one on one with them.

If we turned on your iPod/music device, what would be playing? Depending on what day of the week it is and what mood I am in commands what music I’m listening to. I listen to several genres of music,  new and old most of the time on my music collection I have it on random. I can go from Luther Vandross to Van Halen, circle back around to Ricky Skaggs and wrap it up with Run DMC. 

Being from South Georgia what is the best Southern expression? Now you know the South has some of the best expressions ever, we can go from “Honey hush “to “Naw that ain’t none my kin” in a matter of seconds.

Is there anything coming up for your band that you’d like to share? At the moment we’re so excited about this album and our music videos. COVID-19 has really put a kink in live performances for bands and I’m just praying we all can get through this quick and get back to performing in front of the people we love.


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