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Trevor Martin Celebrates Milestone of 1 Million Collective Streams on "Wife You Up"

Country singer-songwriter Trevor Martin reached a new career milestone. In his single, "Wife You Up," the Nashville-based singer-songwriter has gained over 1 million collective streams across platforms.

You'll be begging your significant other to get down on one knee when you play this latest country-pop classic. Martin's rich vocals, coupled with the song's endearing lyrics and vivid storytelling, make this a musical masterpiece.

“Wife You Up” is Trevor Martin’s fourth single, following his other releases “Go-To,” “Calling It Friends,” and “Just Like That.”

How the song came to be was very natural according to Martin, “This song is one that just “happened.” I wrote this with Spencer Crandall and it just came from casually talking. We were talking about our songwriting processes and cool phrases people are saying nowadays when we realized that we both had this idea in our “Songwriting Ideas” notes in our phones. The song came out easily and we knew we had a new, fresh hook.”

You can listen to the single below.


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