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Tom Boy Releases new single "Thunder"

"Thunder" is dedicated to anyone who feels they have not been heard; to the voices that have broken through the noise; and to the allies who create space for the wrongfully marginalized communities in the world.

In these last couple of months, I started questioning my relationship with social media and the kind of information I was taking in on a daily basis. Whether it was the pandemic, a protest for civil rights, or the broad-sweeping corruption among some of the global elite, I felt like nothing I could say or do would make any of it better. After solemn conversations with friends, we came to the conclusion that it was best to spend less time consuming social media and restart a dialogue in our own communities. To own our mistakes, forgive ourselves in order to heal, and do better as we move forward. You can listen to the track, produced by Lucas Marston, now available on all STREAMING SERVICES.

For more information visit Tom Boy on Instagram.


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