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Tim Qualls Releases Romantic Retro-Pop Single “Heartbeat”

Houston pop-soul artist Tim Qualls recently released his single “Heartbeat” on May 11 and it’s the perfect springtime pick-me-up. The song is a rugged pop hit with moody synth, gritty guitar, soft falsetto, and a deep back beat. Qualls created the single during quarantine while rekindling the fire with his wife. Like many couples, Qualls and his wife were together just about all day, every day for most of 2020. This intimate time allowed them to embrace the romance that started it all for them, and that romance is evident in “Heartbeat.”

The single is paired with a fun, vivacious music video that’s reminiscent of the movie Drive and features an adorable couple embracing love, much like Qualls and his wife. The video’s visual energy blends perfectly with the song’s 80s synths and retro-pop vibes. From the first listen, it’s evident that Tim Qualls has a long, successful career ahead of him. His uniqueness and welcoming energy is certainly a force to be reckoned with. Fans can watch the music video and stream “Heartbeat” now.

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