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NASHVILLE, Tenn. (May 15th, 2020)- TikTok and YouTube influencer Brooke Barry releases new acoustic single "Closer" today on all digital streaming platforms. The three-million follower TikTok sensation delivers an energetic song about social anxiety in her stripped-back release.

I was so honored and excited to briefly interview with Brooke about her single career as an influencer, and her new life in Nashville. "I have always written music and sang in my room...I used to sing at the county fair...little things like that", Brooke states. As soon as she was introduced to Tik Tok (formally known as when she started), her role as an influencer grew. She is most well-known for her Tik Tok involving Taylor Swift’s “Welcome to New York” that was released in 2018. Ever since then, she has continued to work with multiple brands, travel around the world and make high quality content on social media. It wasn't until last year that she revisited her passion to write music. Her debut single “Wake Up” was released July of 2019. She is back again with "Closer", a song that she co-wrote with her friend Austin Christopher. The song was partly inspired by her recent move to Nashville, Tennessee as she says that the first line,"long nights on my own and I feel like I've never been so alone" references her feelings towards her initial few days in her new apartment. Now being in Nashville for a few months, her goal is to pursue “make friends, write with new people” and live her dream as a music artist.

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