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The Queen of Pop Reimagines Def Leppard's Rock Hit "Hysteria"

The Def Leppard hit "Hysteria" from the 80s just got reinvented with the incredible cover done by Karine Hannah. "I gotta know tonight. If you're alone tonight, can't stop this feeling, can't stop this fight." That feeling is something that a lot of people feel when experiencing love. This song matches Karine's energy really well as she is so passionate, and this song contains a lot of emotions and feelings. Her voice, paired with her magnificent runs, makes every performance encapsulating. Click here to listen.

This cover is a magnificent combination of Karine's voice, piano, and some effects that give it some characteristics that resemble the 80s. Karine also has a rustic texture about her voice that gives her a more poppy sound when compared to the Def Leppard sound. Even in dark songs, Karine is able to intertwine her fun-loving personality into her art form.

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