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The Queen of Pop Cover Songs, Karine Hannah, Reimagines Olivia Rodrigo's Hit Single "Good 4 U"

The queen of pop cover songs is back again, tackling a piece from the present wave of pop. Karine Hannah’s cover of the 2021 Olivia Rodrigo hit “Good 4 U” reimagines the track as a deep ballad; Hannah’s vocal depth and clarity again take center stage as she sings about this scorned love. Clocking in at a minute longer than the original, Hannah takes things slowly and breathes impact into each line.

Changing the tune to a slower melody, Karine gives the audience a more peaceful track. Moreover, the artist fills the song with emotion, helping her touch the audience with her unique voice. In addition, Karine can add unique energy through her voice dynamics, and the calmer instrumentation allows her voice to shine and take the main stage. Furthermore, the tone of her voice and the instruments make the song more melancholic, which complements the song’s message. Karine's true style and uniqueness shine through in all her covers, and this Karine Hannah version of "Good 4 U" is no exception.

"I had so much fun putting my twist on Olivia Rodrigo‘s hit single Good 4 U. I think these lyrics are universal and relatable as hell. It’s amazing how a punky pop song can be transformed musically but The sentiment of the lyrics stays the same." - Karine Hannah



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