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The Ian Moore releases new dynamic single “GODLIKE Ft. Futuristic”

The Ian Moore releases new single "GODLIKE Ft. Futuristic." You can listen to the single by clicking here.

St. Louis-based artist, The Ian Moore, is back with his single "GODLIKE" featuring well-known Arizona rapper, Futuristic. "GODLIKE" is an upbeat song that showcases the pair's inner self-confidence. Releasing towards the beginning of the year, the song is timely as we all personally are challenged to be the best version of ourselves in the new year. If you’re looking for that get out of bed at 6 am and crush your new year's resolutions type of song, you’ve found it here.


"GODLIKE" is a song about having confidence and facing the world head-on. I know that

confidence can come and go, but when I wrote this song it was during a point where all the

pieces started to fall into place,” Ian says about his creative process. “I felt like I was able to

take on the entire planet and could achieve any goal I had in front of me. The song is called

what it is, because that’s exactly how I felt while creating it, godlike."

Ian started making music as a form of therapy to help him deal with the struggles and losses he

has faced in his life, like the loss of his brother and grandfather. Collaborating with an artist

such as Futuristic was exciting for Ian, as “his music held a special place in his brother’s heart,

and "GODLIKE" is largely about the story of my brother.”

“GODLIKE" was produced by H3 Music and was mixed and mastered by Hope Gipson from

Nerd Milk Studios LLC. This song pairs a raging low end with a bouncy melody to keep the

listener's energy high. Futuristic jumps on verse 2 to showcase what he does best; rapid flow,

witty wordplay, and playful delivery. If you’re looking for motivation during these winter months,

cue up GODLIKE Ft. Futuristic by The Ian Moore.


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