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The Highway Women Take Us On a Thrill Ride with Their New Single "The Highway"

Cover Photography: Gonzalez Media Productions Cover Artwork: Samie Bower

The Highway Women, comprised of musicians Drew Haley, Kristen Kae, Jess Paige, and  Bailey James released their single “The Highway,” available on all digital and streaming platforms October 30th.  The single debuted on Country Apple Music Hot tracks and New Music Country.  Link: With an energetic country pop vibe, rock riffs and powerful female vocals racing throughout the song, “The Highway” enforces the group’s message of female independence, telling the coming of age story of a young girl who goes out on the open road to create her own happy ending. This song has an intro that is so reminiscent of “Go Your Own Way” by Fleetwood Mac. “The Highway” is the kind of song you listen to with all the windows down or in a convertible with the volume up as loud as it can possibly go. The energy it ricochets is guaranteed to change the mood of anyone who listens, whether a sour attitude from a bad day or the tediousness of everyday life. The beat of The Highway” is so unique in its own way with strong vocals, perfected harmonies accompanied by flawless guitar work. Sometimes you really do just have to go for a drive “with the blacktop rolling away” in order to find yourself. The Highway Women have created something so special; an incredible story of a woman destined to enjoy her journey and the path to her success.  The Highway Women are notorious for inserting one line into their songs that seals the deal and generates yet another catchy hashtag,  in this song it is "Look Out World Here I Come." We think this is a perfect segue from their last single and music video "Shake the Dust" which garnered almost a half million views on social media.  The anticipated new single will additionally act as the theme song for the Be A Highway Woman  program, The Highway Women’s new initiative with Heart Songs Records announced by Forbes last month.  

Constantly changing the country music scene with their musical movement to support other women in the music business and beyond, the group invited Be a Highway Women members Abby Reign, Brooke Barry, Lola Menthol and Bonnie Dymond to be part of the new single. Proceeds from the single will go towards funding a scholarship to a high school senior who is pursuing a career in music, to be awarded by the program in 2021. 

Vocals were recorded at Beaird Music Group in Nashville and mixed in Los Angeles. The song was written by Kristen Kae, Dallas Duff, and Bonnie Dymond, who also served as the track’s producer and mix engineer. Jill Pavel, owner of Heart Songs Records is the Executive Producer.  “I am so happy we have a platform to create a giving experience,” says Drew Haley. “We are donating all of the proceeds of this song to our scholarship program, which is going to go to women who are entering college, vocational programs, engineering schools with a focus on music.”

To learn more about The Highway Women and keep up with their latest projects, visit  


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