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The Highway Women's New Video Soars Past 243,000 Views

With over 243,000 views across social platforms and growing, The Highway Women's new music video has truly shaken the dust. This all-women band followed up their uplifting single with a video that compels fans to embrace the roadblocks in life to fuel their future wins. The music video is a triumphant call to action that further cements The Highway Women's ascent within the music industry. With their previous few releases, including "Stand Up and Fight" and "God Made Me Right", the women encourage their fans to find their inner voice and remind them that everyone is beautiful and perfectly made. "Shake The Dust" completes their message of empowerment and promotes action in making their mission and dreams come true.   

“In the newly released music video for “Shake the Dust”, the Highway Women tell the story of how they have indeed, shaken the dust, and pursued the life they wanted. This video points out that following your dream isn’t always easy but it’s always worth it. The group showcases the reliance on faith they have to walk into the great unknowns as the lyrics “sometimes it takes a leap of faith” play over the image of them joining together in prayer. It is a beautiful visual addition that enhances the musicality and lyrics in “Shake the Dust”. 

Shake the Dust is a call to action for every former prom queen, previous football quarterback, and anyone who has ever been apprehensive to follow a dream. In contrast to previous releases this song is meant to intimately come alongside listeners and gently say "you can do this". Featuring familiar acoustic guitar sounds and powerful electric guitar riffs this single blends musical elements that echo its lyrical message." - Aria Mae (Music Update Central)

Video production and cinematography by Daniel Gonzales - Gonzales Media, Song co-written by Amanda Pruitt & Davis Corley. Produced by Larry Beaird - Beaird Music Group Nashville and Heart Songs Records. The song features musicians Grady Saxman (Drums), Eli Beaird (Bass), J.T. Corenflos (Electric Guitar), Mike Rojas (Piano), Scotty Sanders (Steel) and Larry Beaird (Acoustic).  Producer(s): Larry Beaird  - Beaird Music Group Nashville and Heart Songs Records Musicians: Grady Saxman (Drums), Eli Beaird (Bass), J.T. Corenflos (Electric Guitar), Mike Rojas (Piano), Scotty Sanders (Steel) and Larry Beaird (Acoustic).  Mastering: Sean Gasaway

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