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The Highway Women Launch a Female Empowered Collaborative Platform

The Highway Women, an all female country music supergroup, along with Jill Pavel, owner of Heart Songs Records, proudly announce the launch of the action based community initiative “Be A Highway Women". Forbes Magazine Announced the programing which was built for the purpose of bringing the mission to support and empower women to fruition. The platform is free for musicians, producers, songwriters, and other industry executives who sign the program’s agreement to contribute to the community. By signing the agreement, members will gain access to resources such as Spotify-curated playlists, podcast hosted by Devon O' Day, business education workshops, with the organization’s first conference being held later this year.  The company is led by The Highway Women and Executive team but governed by the entire body including the members.

“I have heard women vocally stating for years that they ‘support other female artists.’ Let this no longer be a catch phrase because action speaks much louder than words,” Jill Pavel says of starting the program.

The Highway Women kicked things off by inviting women from the “Be a Highway Woman” program to be featured artists on their upcoming single, and official initiative theme song, “The Highway.” The single will be released on October 30, 2020 with royalties going towards funding a scholarship to help young women interested in a career in music. The single also features members of The Be A Highway Program, Produced by Bonnie Dymond (member) The first scholarship will be awarded in Spring 2021, expanding in 2022. 

With a year and a half of planning, and the help of the Be a Highway Woman Executive Team, the platform launched with over 50 multi-genre female artists from across the United States along with 30+ females in the music industry supporting and helping to build the community.  

For more information on Be A Highway Woman and to join the community, please visit About the Highway Women: The Highway Women is an all female country blend (country, rock, pop)  music band like no other bringing a musical movement to support other women in country music and beyond.  The Highway Women fire on all cylinders and never fail to wow their audience and leave them wanting more. They are recording their first EP in Nashville and have released two singles. Their new single "Stand Up and Fight" was released on May 24th 2019. "Stand Up and Fight" has become the anthem for The Highway Women as it embodies the spirit and passion of their drive to succeed in the music industry. Their single and music video "God Made Me Right" released in January 2019 made an impact nationally with their girl power theme and empowerment message.  Shake the Dust was released in June 2020.  The music video has garnered over 400K views. ​

About Heart Songs Records: Founded in 2014, Heart Songs Records is an independent Digital Major Label Digital Distribution World Wide. Playlisting on Spotify (Editorial), Apple Music & Youtube.  About Be A Highway Woman: Founded in 2020 Be A Highway Woman as a company and community is built on empowering and supporting all female music artists. We are an all inclusive community celebrating all music genres, age, race and sexual orientation. We believe everyone deserves a chance to share their artistry. Our program is free to all female artists, musicians and women who work in the music industry in any capacity. 


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