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The Highway Women Inspire Women and Girls Everywhere with New Music Video

The Highway Women released their music video "God Made Me Right" on January 29th, 2020 which was exclusively premiered on  The inspiring music video features The Highway Women, Heather Harper, Kristen Kae, Amanda Pruitt & Drew Haley along with women & children who volunteered to be a part of this project. The group wanted to bring the lyrics to life so that the song and video would reach more women and girls. "I'm proud of what I see, the reflection staring back at me" is the lead into the chorus. The entire lyric of the song written by Producer Justine Blazer (Nashville) is a nod to the ladies and girls who need to believe that they are beautiful.  We live in a world that dictates beauty by airbrushes, nip, tucks, fillers and size of clothing. Not realistic for most of us who wake up and get ready to start each  day.  "When we made the video, we intentionally invited women and girls of all ages and backgrounds to participate and work together to share our mission.  There were many people on hand to coordinate and conceptualize bringing the song to life. This project, song and video was created to inspire ALL the Ladies and Girls out there to believe that they are beautiful because God Made Us All Right. Kristen Kae Drew Haley Music Heather Harper Amanda Pruitt you all are beautiful women inside and out.  You are brave and you are fearless. You have blessed me with your trust and belief in this mission and I am grateful. Justine Blazer entrusted us with her song and then took on the task of bringing their glorious voices to life. Daniel Gonzalez is a talented videographer who worked flawlessly and fearlessly with a group of over 30 women to bring the story of this song to life. Daniel and Gonzalez Media Productions filmed the video at Nossi College of the Arts (Madison, TN).  To all the Ladies out there... when you look in the mirror see beyond the image staring back at you, look within, where beauty truly lies." - Jill Pavel -Owner of The Highway Women  The single "God Made Me Right" debuted January 10th on Apple Hot Tracks and all digital outlets Click Here. The Highway Women are more than just another "girl" band, they are incredible ambassadors working to use their music to empower and encourage each other as artists, sisters, mothers and friends. "We hope every woman will embrace what is means to be a Highway Woman, this isn't just for us, its for ALL of US to be better together and love each other and ourselves in a powerful way. We wish to create a new way for women girls to see themselves and each other." - Kat Loewer (Manager - The Highway Women).

Photo Credit: Gonzalez Media Productions

The video is a celebration of each woman's beauty! It begins with a candid performance by the The Highway Women and leads into frames of each girl in the cast approaching a mirror where they can say, "I'm proud of what I see...oooh the reflection staring back at me" As the girls and women appear and approach the mirror they provide a visual punch and more than deliver on the promise of beauty in the next lines "I'm big, I'm small, I'm black, I'm white, I'm representing every single girl tonight, oooh I'm beautiful and God Made Me Right!" The Highway Women will no doubt continue to prove "I'm not sure what you have heard, last time I checked Girls Rule the world..." as "God Made Me Right" inspires their fans and friends world wide.  God Made Me Right  is available on all digital streaming and download outlets click here. 


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