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The Country Network Begins Airing Stylish New Video By Render Sisters For Debut Song “Lost Boy”

The Country Network (TCN) began airing the stylish new video today by pop country duo Render Sisters for their debut song “Lost Boy.” The new Pam Tillis directed video brings the harmonious siblings from Arkansas - Mary-Keaton (16) and Stella (14) Render - together for their very first concept video for their first original song. Shot on location at their family’s row crop farm just outside of Pine Bluff, the original premiere came by way of their YouTube channel. The video was produced and co-directed by Josh Sikkema.

“We are very excited to share our first single with everyone, as well as launch our first music video,” Stella Render joyfully proclaimed. “We are beyond proud to have had the privilege of working under the direction of Pam Tillis and Josh Sikkema. The combination of these two masterminds brought together the perfect choreographed performance.”

“The moment I met the Render Sisters I could sense their maturity,” Pam Tillis recalled. “My unexpected moment came when I heard them sing “Lost Boy” and how easy they made it all sound. It was an intriguing melody that caught me off guard, with Everly-esque harmonies and simple but haunting lyrics. These gems in the rough from rural Arkansas don't need much polishing, just more opportunities to do what comes naturally.”

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