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Tennessee Holy Water Drops Their New Single & Video "Choices"

Southern rock band Tennessee Holy Water released their new boot-stomping single “Choices” this past Friday September 15th. Not only did they release this single, but they also released the accompanying music video.

Right off the bat, listeners are grabbed by an electric guitar riff reminiscent of a classic Allman Brothers Band tune. The drumset comes in with an explosive crash bringing together the whole band creating one awesome headbanging tune. The music mellows out allowing lead singer Jesse Vickers to set the scene with the first lyrics “Stepping through the door I’ve been gone so long / We’re a thousand miles apart and everything feels wrong.” The lyrics provide a highly contrasting somber feel as the music keeps the blood pumping. The band laments on the consequences of the all too relatable feeling of making mistakes. The chorus comes in as Jesse sings “Every wound heals but the scars don’t fade / They remind me each day of the choices I’ve made.” To top it all off, the song leads into a face-melting guitar solo that will have any listener on the edge of their seat.

The music video keeps things simple and allows the song to take lead. Scenes of the band sitting in a circle jamming together on their guitars along with clips of Vickers singing into the mic provides the perfect personal touch. The audience feels almost as if they are apart of the band and like they were there for the whole recording process.

Check out Tennessee Holy Water on their website!


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