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Temecula Road Releases 'Never Knew I Needed You' August 9th

We caught up with Temecula Road Before they head out on the road to open a few dates for Tyler Rich.

Music Update Central: What’s the inspiration behind your new song “fades”?

Temecula Road: Fades comes from a post breakup feeling about no matter how hard you try you can’t get rid of the thoughts of the other person. (“everything eventually fades away, tell me when will you”)

Music Update Central: What can fans expect in the upcoming months?

Temecula Road: We have been writing our butts off since we moved to nashville coming up on 3 months ago. We wanted this next batch of songs to be as personal and authentic to us as possible, and were super stoked about the visuals going along with them as well.

Music Update Central: What’s the story behind the name “Temecula Road”?

Temecula Road: We all are from a city called temecula in southern california. We met in 2014 through a vocal coach, and when we decided to become a band, we wanted something having to do with where we came from and something that would be important to us forever!

Music Update Central: Do you have any upcoming music plans?

Temecula Road: We have 2 songs that are mastered and ready to be released! well be going into the studio this month to cut a few more to have ready for the end of this year and beginning of next year!

Music Update Central: What advice would you give to other musicians?

Temecula Road: Everybody goes through highs and lows, and a few things we’ve learned along the way is that 1. If you focus on the music, everything will follow. 2. Try to always stay positive under any circumstance. 3. Being supportive of your piers makes everything so much more fun.


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