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Taylon Hope Spreads Words of Healing in New Single “If It Wasn’t For The Storms”

On September 4, 2020, Nashville Country Artist Taylon Hope released her latest single “If It Wasn’t for the Storms.” When the song begins, you hear the piano play, which is the main instrument throughout. You hear other agents that only add to Hope’s captivating voice, along with the beautiful melody. In terms of production and lyrics, they equally fit each other. One does not outshine the other. Lyrically, this song’s meaning is to turn all of the negatives in life from grey to a brighter color and better weather, just like the song says. “We wouldn’t all get together, make the best of bad weather, and every day be like the day before.” That line stands out as it pays tribute to everything that’s been going on this year. The entire song talks about taking time to do things we wouldn’t really think about doing, and how to appreciate the little things in life.

Lyrics always stand out to me before anything else; lyrics are a central element of music. As I listened to “If It Wasn’t for the Storms”, I found myself visualizing and inserting myself in the storyline, which I’ve never really done before. I found the piece very appropriate for this weird time we are experiencing. Music is powerful, as are the hidden messages and meanings behind them. So if you want a new artist/song to go check out, go listen to “If It Wasn’t for the Storm” by Taylon Hope, available on all streaming platforms. 

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Reviewed by Kylie Frye


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