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Tae Lewis Releases Country-Pop Single "Love Gon' Missin"

Country-pop artist Tae Lewis released his new tune titled "Love Gon' Missin," available everywhere music is available. The country-pop tune was written along with David J and Jacob Frish.

Listen to "Love Gon' Missin" here.

"Over the years, I've had my share of ups and downs in relationships. Some were amazing. Some were extremely toxic. One thing I've always never let my guard down. However, we always have the one person that we're in a relationship with, that causes you to throw all of those walls away even though they are no good for you. One of my exes inspired me to write this one because at one point there was no love from us and I knew our love was missing and I wanted it back but it was too far gone bc she moved on to someone else." explains Tae

Growing up, the North Carolina native started singing in the church but deep inside country music was his first love. In 2016, he began to push towards his element as a country artist with the releases of his first few singles.

Though Tae has faced many adversities, he still strives to make his presence known in this industry. When record labels turned him away, he still made effort to push through the trials and begin to create his own path to stardom.

You can learn more about Tae Lewis by visiting his Facebook and Instagram.


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