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Superstar Duo Sam Paige and Cory Singer collaborate on new hit single "I'll Be Love"

Pop star Sam Paige reenters the music industry collaborating with Cory Singer on this summer’s dance hit “I’ll Be Love.”

Listen to “I’ll Be Love” HERE.

Native from New Jersey, Cory Singer is an accomplished singer-songwriter/musician and theater performer. The rising star has also become a Social Media & TikTok sensation as an autism advocate, coining the phrase “Let’s Normalize Autism.” With over 409k followers and 13 million likes (TikTok) and full verification across Twitter, FB & Instagram, he promotes positivity by inspiring others with his unique brand, music, and personal experiences of having autism himself. Cory had important accomplishments during his career, such as winning the grand prize from BRAVO TV’s singing competition "The Kandi Factory,", as well as being nominated for Best Vocal Performance in 2013 for his role in Tony Award winner Joe DiPietro’s “The Last Romance” in Broadway World Magazine. Additionally, he is on the board of directors for the I Am Able Foundation and an ambassador for Sound Mind Network

Also a New Jersey native, Sam Paige has previously trained with “The Voice” vocal coach Coreen Sheehan. She has performed for NBC with Corbin Bleu, the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, and at Carnegie Hall. Sam has released five songs and has a following of over 515k followers (Instagram). Now, Paige is excited to dive back into the industry and continue showing complete vulnerability within her music touching on topics such as love, lust, insecurity, and overall confidence.

“I’ll Be Love” sends a powerful reminder that no matter how hard things get, you are loved and your loved ones will always be there to help. Using a stunning mesh of EDM-inspired elements and acoustic guitar, this track brings a fresh and unique blend to the pop genre. The heart of the lyrics reminds us that even if “you’re down feeling hopeless” or if “fear is the anchor on your shoulder,” you are loved, and your loved ones will always be there to lift you up.

Along with Paige's crystalline voice shining through, Singer helps elevate this track as their two harmonizing voices uplift the song to another level. His rich, theatrical voice melded with Sam creates a truly unique and engaging listening experience. This is sure to be a must-add to any dance party playlist this Summer. Singer says, “It was an honor to work with Sam. She is a bright light, with great energy and although she is fairly new to the music industry, she is a real professional in the studio. It was a fun project and I love being on her track.”


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