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Stunning New Single “Some Kind Of Lonesome” By Herrick

Christened by Music Row Magazine and Billboard as “the real deal” and “the next great female voice of this generation,” husband and wife duo Herrick returns this year with their third studio album “Sunderland Road.” The first single “Some Kind Of Lonesome” will be released on January 18th, a stunning ballad that is equally as heart-wrenching as it is majestic. Its inspiration was born out of Donna Herrick’s loss of her mother this year and the loneliness through a calendar year that feels, to many, to be the very definition of the word. The profound imagery of the music video turns many tides of the soul yet it is not without the life raft we all cling to, which is each other. “Some Kind Of Lonesome” is a brilliant prelude to the much-anticipated new album that will no doubt stand as Herrick’s tour de force. “Sunderland Road” is slated for release in the summer of 2021. In anticipation of the album’s release, fans can get a revolutionary music experience by signing up on the band’s website where they will receive Herrick perks directly to their email inbox. Over the course of four days, you will receive a free digital copy of their new single before it is released, behind the scenes footage of the making of the music video, printed lyric sheets, songwriting memos, and more. In addition, fans who pre-order the new album will be automatically entered into a drawing to win the grand prize bundle. Details about pre-orders and prize list will be announced soon. Visit the band’s website to sign up at


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