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Steal "Somebody's Heart" With Viral TikToker and Romantic Singer Songwriter Cory Singer

Cory Singer has his fans falling head over heels for another romantic love story in "Somebody's Heart". This enchanting ballad will be sure to sweep listeners off their feet as they float through the ambience of warm strings and soft piano playing. With captivating, powerful vocals, Cory paints a lyrical picture of how spontaneous love can be when it sneaks up on us when we least expect it. As the instrumentation builds throughout the song, so does the meaning behind Cory's heartfelt and personable lyrics leaving the listener with a message that makes us all take a second look at what love really means in a world so separated.

Once More Cory shines his vulnerability and extraordinary talent. Much like his predecessors Josh Groban and Michael Buble, Cory Singer takes us back to a time when pop music was about vocal presentation without effects. While he is not a crooner, much like Sinatra he is refined and does not overuse his broad range. He courts us both vocally and conceptually while he sings his story to us. The topic of love is prominent in Cory's life. He has built a devoted fan base through his advocacy of autism by sharing his own experiences living with Autism. His life love story has extended to his fans families, friends, and all members of the autism community. One might call Cory the "love expert", as he makes it known just how much he cares for others in his single "Somebody's Heart".

"Somebody's Heart" is available now on all streaming & download platforms.


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