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Single Review: "Story To Tell" by Steven John Simon

Louisiana-born country artist Steven John Simon has just released his newest single "Story To Tell" along with the accompanying lyric video. A former Marine, Steven developed his love of country music growing up in his home state of Louisiana. His recent singles have seen him incorporate his Cajun influence into the Nashville country sound, and "Story To Tell" is no exception. Heart Songs Records' youthful signing will be releasing his debut extended play in the early part of the upcoming winter.

"Story To Tell" was written by Nashville-based songwriter Rob Carona.

Steven says of the song: " My manager sent me the song and I literally fell in love with the track. I was a bit intimidated by the lyrics and melody, it definitely stretched me as an artist.  So I contacted Rob and we worked on the vocal presentation together.  I wanted to make sure I was delivering the song in the way he envisioned because the song is really special."

Rob Carona adds: "This song had a lot of personal meaning to me so finding the right artist to 'tell the story' was important. Steven Simon's true country vocal and his authentic delivery was so great to hear." The single was produced by Larry Beaird (Beaird Music Group , Jill Pavel & Rob Carona).

The song opens up with a very happy-sounding chord progression with a perfect rhythmic foundation provided by Brewster that all of the musicians feed off of. Steven sounds very happy and heartfelt in the verses. The chorus is where "Story To Tell" really comes to life, though. Steven mentions not wanting a relationship to end without "risking it all" and suggests doing risky activities like taking a "midnight flight to Vegas" or even ending up in jail, all so the two partners would have a "story to tell." The bit in the second chorus about eating snails in Paris is a nice addition there. That's exactly the kind of relationship I would want to be in, taking a few risks along the way.

The lyric video goes perfectly with the song, showing images of adults cliff diving into a river, and even showing images of the Eiffel Tower in Paris during the second chorus. The video brings home the message of the song even further to the viewer in that regard.

"Story To Tell" is a great feel good song, and I think it has the potential to go far and take Steven's career to the next level. Best of luck to you Steven!!


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