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Singer-Songwriter Joe Brooks Releases New Single "Pink Sky Moon"

British singer/songwriter, Joe Brooks returns four years on from his I Am Bones EP with Pink Sky Moon, a new single filled  with the same heart and soul his fans have come to know and love.

After winning international  acclaim in the form of three songwriting awards in 2016, Brooks now presents a vibrant  nostalgia delicately painted through poetic lyrics and a soundscape to match. We hear him  pour over past memories of young love. Brooks leaves the track humble and uncomplicated  before the instrumentation begins to grow with the story. As the song swirls through a majestic  bridge and final chorus, Brooks walks a subtle line between fond reminiscence and wistful  affections of the past.

"Music has always been and will forever be my first love, it provides a kind of fulfillment  I’ve struggled to achieve elsewhere. Returning with Pink Sky Moon is a proud moment for me." explained Joe.

A music video and further releases are anticipated before the end of the year.

You can learn more about Joe Brooks by visiting


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