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Interview: Singer & Influencer Cory Singer Drops Anti-Bullying Song during Autism Awareness Month

Photo Credit: Samie Bower (YES Marketing & Media)


MUC: Cory, you just released a song that was quite unexpected. What I mean is that this is a different look, sound and statement. What inspired you to release a song that is explicit in nature?

CORY: Good question! This song was inspired by my experience being bullied and learning as an adult to stand up for myself. It just rolled out one night, I wrote this as a vent lyric after I had a really crap day at work. A guy who used to work there, really went in on me and I was done. Bullying is not just something kids deal with, adults are targets as well. Most bullies are just cowards wrapped up in a whole bunch of narcissistic self hate. As an advocate in the autism community this is a hot topic. People who are neurodivergent become quickand easy targets. I wanted to inspire others through this song and be as authentic as I could possibly be. I did record a non explicit version but at the last minute I decided to not release that version, because I made that version to make other people feel more comfortable. I don't want people to be comfortable. I wanted to be real about my stance on the subject. This is not a vengence song, it is a song about owning your right to stand up for yourself. Don't Fuck With ME. Because I will not let. you.

MUC: Good Answer! The music video is really intense. I know you have been in theater in the past and your acting skills really stood out, I was mesmerized by your performance. Was it a difficult video shoot for you?

CORY: Not at all. First of all shout out to my record label Heart Songs Music Group. Big Shout out to the Set Designer Iva Wich. She took my vision and brought that set to life. As far as my acting, yes I can play to a camera or an audience but this was not a performance. This was very real for me, all I had to do was relive those moments as a frustrated, misunderstood and innocent kid and bring myself back to those horrific days of being bullied and being to frightened to stand up for myself. That was me being me, sharing my anger and vulnerabilty with the audience. I want my music to be truthful. So therefore if I am going to bring my songs to a visual light, then I am going to deliver the truth. I am not one who likes to butter people up. Just give it to them straight and to the point.

MUC: I know you just dropped this single and music video but what's up next Cory?

CORY: I have one more single and music video to release. We are in the storyboard phase of the movie at the moment. I also started recording my first EP this past weekend. I am going to release a waterfall EP or LP. I wrote over 200 songs since lockdown during the pandemic. My team and I went through each song and worktape and we scaled the songs down for three separate projects. The problem for me is I typically write at least two-three songs a week. I know my track lists are going to change hahaha. I am also working on a stage show. I am definitely down to rock it out with band but if you know me, I am an original. Therefore my show is going to be different and very engaging. I am excited to launch that tour in 2024.

MUC: Thanks so much for the interview Cory. How can people find you on the web?

CORY: You can go to my website and all of my social media is on there including my tiktok. Thanks for having me and thanks for helping me get the word out there... this is not just a song it delivers a powerful punch. We need to start vocalizing for people who do not know how to it for themselves.


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