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Sierra Annie Releases Highly Anticipated Single "Bad Day"

Sierra Annie Band released a new relatable single “ Bad Day”. This song features slow driving beats reminiscent of the day to day rhythm we fall into. The steel guitar melodies that drift in and out add a gritty supportive element to the artful lyrics.

This single points out that sometimes growing up is much more difficult than we thought as children. We get bogged down with the stress of bills, commitments, heartbreak, and failures. “Bad Day” steps into those moments to remind us that its “just a bad day in a good life”. While being a grown-up might be really hard, it also turns out to be everything we ever dreamed about.

"Bad Day means so much to me because it encourages self-love, despite being imperfect. It encourages gratitude, despite maybe not having everything you want, but focusing on everything you do have," explains Sierra. "I’m so excited for the world to hear Bad Day because there’s so much uncertainty and division in the world right now, but at the end of the day, we are all just humans trying to figure it all out."

- Sierra Annie

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