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Share a Few "Dog Beers" with LGBT Country Artist Hayden Joseph

Hayden Joseph wants to set an example in the country music world. As an openly gay musician in a traditionally conservative space, the singer-songwriter is always looking to connect with a new listener. His lifelong passion has since morphed into not only a successful career, but also a way to change the world.

After releasing his first single in 2019, Joseph has been facing an uphill battle in the industry. His consistent hard work hasn't been in vain, though. His tracks have amassed hundreds of thousands of streams as well as 250,000 followers on TikTok, where the singer is often discovered by new listeners. From his 2021 debut album Different to new single "Dog Beers," Joseph is able to connect with people of all walks of life with his honesty, unique songwriting, and fresh perspective.

For all the summer vibes listeners are craving, Hayden Joseph will have listeners up on their feet and dancing the weekend away with “Dog Beers.” The title is an extremely clever play on the concept of “dog years,” with the line “in dog beers I’ve only had one” cheekily brushing off how wild the evening has been. Joseph drew inspiration for the single from his best friend Vince, who also shares the spotlight in the song.

Listen to the new single right here!

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