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Scott Stevens Releases new music Video, "I Feel Good"

Scott Stevens has been writing and performing songs for years, dating back to his earliest days singing in church and then as a fixture on the college-bar circuit while a student at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. However, two years ago during a tumultuous period of his life he turned his attention to writing more seriously and penned the song "Missing You" which he calls the "first really honest song" he'd written since he moved to Nashville several years earlier. This is the moment his vision of the future changed from someone who writes songs for other artists, to an artist in his own right. This new change in perspective led to him to recording his forthcoming debut album I Feel Good - a rollicking combination of Southern Rock and sincere country flair. He's most proud of the album's title track stating, “It speaks to me in a way that’s redemptive,” he adds. “It tells a kick-ass story of my journey up to this point in a really fun way.”


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