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NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Emerging country artist Sandra Lynn's emotionally charged video for her new single, "Lose the War," produced by Grammy® Award-winning engineer and producer, Ben Fowler, will begin airing on CMT Music this week. world premiered the video, which showcases Sandra's "powerhouse vocals that range from delicate to dynamo...'Lose the War' is a song that cuts to the heart of what it takes to make a relationship work (Laura Whitmore/Parade)."

"Lose the War" continues a narrative in a project Lynn kicked off with her Fight EP, early last year.  “I wanted to start a project that essentially reflected ‘three chapters’ of music, that through the music, followed the storyline of one couple in the push and pull, in’s and out’s of their relationship. I wanted every song I chose for this project to allow the listener to dive into a couple’s emotional journey, telling a story in a linear way—very much like old records used to do," Sandra shared.

"Lose the War," along with another new track also to be released May 3 on Spotify, iTunes, and all other digital retailers, represents the beginning of the second chapter in the narrative Sandra tells through song. 

"Unlike the first part that came in the form of an EP, this next series of music will be released in bits and pieces, resulting in several releases throughout the summer. The first time I heard “Lose the War,” I knew I had to cut it.  Not only did I immediately find it to be a strong, vulnerable, relatable song, but I also felt like it was the perfect reflection for the storyline of this couple and 'where their relationship is at, at this point in the music'—dissecting something that they called quits over, but just can’t shake," Sandra said. 

Co-penned by Emily Shackelton, Phil Barton, and Cameron Jaymes, "Lose the War" was filmed in Los Angeles, Calif. under the direction of husband/wife duo, Brandon Hess and Tara Tucker (Tucker/Hess Productions). 

"Because ‘Lose the War’ is a song about the turbulence of a relationship, I wanted this video to emotionally capture the struggle that sometimes occurs when you lose sight of the love that initially brings two people together, to the petty aspects of a relationship and the ultimate fight for one another at the end of the day.  I look forward to sharing more on this ‘phase’ of the music, and storyline throughout the coming weeks,” Sandra said. 


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