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Sam Varga Dazzles at Single Release Party for "Mayday"

Author: Lois Zozobrado

Kentucky-native rocker, Sam Varga celebrated the release of his newest single entitled, “Mayday” at The Basement in Nashville, Tennessee. Local country artist, Tyler Dial and his band opened the night and got the crowd ready for the energetic performance from Varga and his band!" Overall, the celebration was a great success. In fact, the venue was at max capacity before the show even started! The audience enjoyed every minute and gave immense support singing along and jamming out. What a fantastic way to start off the new decade!

In an interview after the big night, Varga explained the story behind “Mayday”. “I describe the song as a self-deprecating anthem written to fight depression by taking ownership of it” he says. Varga carried on acknowledging how the song alludes to his punk/emo days. Rather than focusing on the debilitating symptoms of living with depression, Varga wanted to make the song positive and incorporate his “self-deprecating humor” into his honest, and youthful lyrics.

When asking about his favorite lyric, he didn’t hesitate and quickly stated the opening line - “She left me like a penny on its face, wasn’t enough to pick up”, because he would not have ‘Mayday’ without it. Interestingly, Varga had this one liner for a while. He knew he wanted to use it, but struggled to place it into the songs he was writing. One day it clicked and the song wrote itself in a rapid 30 minutes. There is a saying within songwriting that it is better to “set the pen down” rather than “forcing a finished product”. In this case it as worth the wait, Mayday is a clever and well written song with a composition that drives the story.

Although it may seem the party has ended, it hasn’t! All are invited to Varga’s “Light Me Up” EP RELEASE PARTY on FRIDAY, MARCH 13th at the Loading Dock in Nashville Tennessee.

Follow and connect with Sam Varga on Facebook and Instagram for more details. In the meantime, “Mayday” is available now on all streaming outlets!


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