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Roll Your Windows Down and Crank The Radio Up with Gabrielle Metz New Single "Mixtape"

Gabrielle Metz’s new release, "Mixtape," brings the audience great chill country vibes, creating the perfect atmosphere to blast the song on the speakers and sing out loud. Her new single was released today on all digital streaming platforms. You can click here to listen.

The multitalented country-pop songwriter and artist Gabrielle Metz’ latest single, “Mixtape,” looks to the past to show how we grow as people and musicians. We’re all just collections of our influences and experiences, and Metz is able to convey that very personal and diverse phenomenon by listing off many of her favorite bands and how they have all made her the musician she is today. We all really are mixtapes surprising others at every turn and every new track. The song even blends those influences, utilizing both rock and country stylings to make an instrumental indicative of the lyrics’ truth. This track is definitely a great addition to any “mixtape,” as a reminder of where we’ve been and where we’re going. “Mixtape” grabs the attention of any music lover. With so many different references to amazing artists and their songs, anybody could listen to this track. It’s easy-going yet super fun, and feels super comforting; Like listening to a little bit of everything at once. The lyrics include some of the most famous lyrics from artists like The Temptations, Tom Petty, Queen, and so many more. The song itself is super bright and the melody is super bouncy and dance-worthy, karaoke-worthy too! Gabrielle Metz has such a soothing voice, and the lyrics feel like they were meant to be sung by her. The bridge, “Sweet Home Alabama, Sweet Caroline brings, Sweet Emotions to this heart of mine,” is such a smart play on words, and will have every listener feeling nostalgic no matter what generation they are a part of.

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