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Rising Star McMillin Releases New Project "Better Than This"

Genre-bending artist McMillin is known as a bit of a jack of all trades. Guitarist, vocalist, songwriter, and producer, McMillin plays a part in every step in the song-making process explaining how we continue to get groundbreaking releases from him. His latest single titled “Better Than This” tells the frustrating story of a failing relationship. On the surface, they look fine and happy but behind closed doors, it is quite the opposite. Check out the emotional and vulnerable video here.

Less pop inspired as compared to past releases, this tune takes on a much more rock-influenced sound with the heavy guitar throughout the chorus and other parts. The structure of the song follows like a fight with your partner, in both the lyrics and the instrumentation the first verse is just the build-up. With McMillin's classic use of a synth playing in the background, he sings of silent arguments in public and the realization of being unhappy. Tensions are rising as every little frustration piles on top of each other until everything eventually boils over. The chorus comes in with a loud impact with the guitar, this is the height of the fight. McMillin sings of how he knows that the relationship is bad right now but he also knows it "Could be better than this."

Along with the single, McMillin released a music video. This video opens with a woman walking through a hazy night to find McMillin hunched over on the ground, the posture of a defeated man. It switches to McMillin chained to a wall trying to break free giving a very literal representation of how he feels in the relationship. In scenes where he is not with the woman, the lighting is cold and the air is hazy. However, whenever we do see them together the lighting is warm and he looks at peace. He feels safe with her but there is still a war inside him.

McMillin never fails to amaze us with his artistry. Even as he is trying to gain his footing in this wild west of an industry, every release is better than his last.

Keep up with McMillin at his website,


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