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Rising Pop-Country Star, Megan Knight Exclusive Interview

Music Update Central’s interview with the rising pop-country star, Megan Knight, made us fall even more in love. She explains how she recently has discovered the depth of impact that today's artists have, and how working in the music industry has made her understand the responsibilities of influence. She divulges her main music influences, what makes her music unique, and the release date of her newest single!

How has working in the music industry helped you grow as an artist and as a person?

Working in the music industry has helped me grow as both an artist and a person in the regard that you realize how much your actions impact an individual’s life. The media’s impact on people on the daily, the influence artists have in society, it's powerful. We have a huge role in creating a safe space and good environment in our world.

Who are the main influences in your life that contribute to the type of music you create?

The way I was brought up with a strong Rock and Country influence has majorly contributed to the music I create. I heard a ton of Tom Petty, Neil Young, Dolly Parton, Dave Matthews, Hank Williams, Pearl Jam growing up to name a few and I definitely think you can hear the effects it’s had on my musical taste and what comes out of my soul when I create.

How are you different from other artists in your genre?

I think what makes me different from other artists in my genre is the fact that I don’t stay bound to a specific sound. I don’t like to be predictable. I love being raw and honest however. I think that definitely translates in my music; my strife for constant vulnerability yet my love for innovation and unconventionality.

What do you hope your fans learn about you through your music?

I hope fans learn that it’s important to remain true to yourself and to not bend to fit the contorts of expectations in society. I feel nowadays everyone is almost trying to fit in this similar type of mold and my goal is to do the exact opposite. I encourage individuality and following your own unique intuition. I believe everyone on Earth comes here with a higher purpose and I think mine is to bend the rules a bit and to pave new avenues for those in the future to one day be able to travel upon.

Anything you’d like to share with our readers?

My next single entitled “My Drama” will be out November 12th. If you would like to check for tour dates near you, my website is ! Thank you so much.


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