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Rising Indie Singer-Songwriter Sam Johnston Releases New Single "Congratulations"

Indie artist Sam Johnston releases new single "Congratulations." The single is available on all digital streaming platforms.

“This single is the first off of an album that tells a coming-of-age story. It showcases me at my absolute best and certainly my absolute worst. "Congratulations" really tackles the jealousy aspect of that wide array of emotions. It’s really about an unrequited viewpoint of other artists that social media can sometimes do. As the song progresses, it really forces me into the looking glass to look inwards," Johnston states

Sam Johnston delivers a searing message in his new single “Congratulations.” With flawless vocals and unforgettable lyrics, “Congratulations” doesn’t shy away from the truth about its subject: “don’t you worry about your rent / because daddy’s money is heaven-sent” sets the scene for the type of person Johnston is sarcastically congratulating. For all the things this person does, there is always an ulterior motive and a reason why their life has become devoid of substance. With a driving, funky beat and striking guitar, this single will find its audience in the irreverent indie-rock genre that has taken over Nashville in the last five years.

Opening and closing with the commotion of a raucous crowd paints “Congratulations” as the type of song that would be sung by a party crasher who has been scorned one too many times by the singer. Johnston closes the song with the vulnerable lyrics “'cause really I’m just stuck here alone / and probably just a little too stoned / and thinking 'bout how you broke my heart / so congratulations.” Sam Johnston blends honest songwriting with stellar instrumentals that demand to be listened to on repeat to fully grasp the story he is telling. With the single preceding his debut album Cannonball, it’s abundantly clear that Johnston is one to watch in 2022.

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Immersing one’s self in the things that make you who you are is a task easier said than done. Nashville-based Sam Johnston has learned this to the fullest extent in the process of creating his debut full-length album Cannonball, which will be released this summer. "Congratulations" is the first single from the album, and it is an electrifying and exhilarating start to 2022 for Johnston.

“I chose Congratulations as the first single to really give listeners a glimpse into what the album is about. My hope is that this bite-size piece leads listeners to dig deeper and think on what’s to come," he explains.

A Dallas native, Johnston has developed a reputation as a rising light in the blues-rock world. At 21, he released his debut EP “Longing” which received support from Spotify, Deezer, Amazon Music, and more as well as charted at #2 on the US iTunes blues charts on multiple occasions (and has since charted in 19 other countries on iTunes and Apple Music.) Alongside his 2019 single “Isabelle”, he has accumulated over 2 million streams cross-platform.

His dynamic voice, blistering guitar playing, and introspective lyricism have made him a force to be reckoned with. This reputation has allowed him to share the stage with acts such as Colony House, KINGFISH, Bowling For Soup, 3OH!3, Smooth Hound Smith, and more.

Alongside producer Drew Long (Judah & The Lion, Betcha, Kris Allen), Johnston has created an album that borrows from influences such as Alabama Shakes, The War on Drugs, Tame Impala, and Dawes, and "Congratulations" is just the start of the musical journey that will be Johnston's Cannonball era.


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