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Rising Indie Artist Kiana Corley Releases Video for 'Lukewarm'

February 19, 2021 (Nashville, TN) -Acoustic singer-songwriter Kiana Corley has released the music video for her latest single "Lukewarm." After making its debut via an exclusive premiere on Celeb Secrets last night, the video is now posted on the No Bad Days member's VEVO channel. The accompanying track, which was released last month, is available on all digital download and streaming platforms.

In "Lukewarm," Corley explores the complacency of a stagnant love. The soul songstress weaves a narrative around a relationship that has lost its spark and is reminiscent of a lukewarm cup of coffee.

In the video, Corley and her lover are struggling to connect as they watch TV together, do dishes, go grocery shopping and lay in bed. Through the use of long, lingering shots and a warm palette, the emotional disconnect between the two creates a sharp contrast. Some scenes may hit close to home for certain viewers, particularly when Corley leaves a note on a mirror and her lover throws it away rather than accepting her apology.

“Lukewarm” finds Corley at her most vulnerable. She leans in to the discomfort of telling such a personal story and introduces herself to new listeners as just another person trying -- and sometimes failing -- to maintain the most tenuous of bonds.

Corley is the sole songwriter behind "Lukewarm." The track was produced and mastered by Tyler Samsel, who also played on the track. You'll hear Josh Neil on drums and Corley herself on BGVs.

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