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Rising Country Band Rivershine release their second single "Like That"

Country Band RIVERSHINE hailing from Louisville/Indiana released their sophomore single “Like That” on September 23rd, 2019.  The single is available on all digital streaming and download retailers ie; iTunes, Apple Music, Amazon, Google.  “Like That” is an upbeat tribute to the positive energy and power of love done right. “Like That” was written by Betsy Walter (Betsy Walter is an award-winning songwriter, producer, arranger and vocalist. As a Producer, she has 2 Billboard Top 10 Charting Albums, 1 Billboard Top 200 Album, and 1 Amazon Top 100 Best Seller),  Steve Mitchell (His music has been recorded by Craig Wayne Boyd- winner of The Voice, Kassie DePaiva- ABC's One Life to Live, Sean Hogan-EMI/OnRamp Records and Adam Doleac-SONY/ATV out of Nashville. 

One of the writers, Betsy Walter said, “As a songwriter, it is an amazing, humbling experience for an artist to connect deeply enough with the melodies and lyrics we write to really want to make it their own, record it and share it with their audience. RiverShine has done that, and not only is their recording of “Like That” awesome, the fact that they have made it a single and sent it to country radio, so it can be heard by the masses, is so inspiring and exciting!! I’m honored that RiverShine recorded “Like That” and anxious to see what the world thinks of the song because of them!”

The song was pitched to the band by one of the writers to lead guitarist/vocalist Dave Jr. who shared,  “It is such a great song, and when we heard it, we just couldn’t believe no one had cut it before?” The band was happy to take the opportunity and recorded the catchy ballad at Magic Shack Studios, with Executive Producers - Mark Slaughter and RIVERSHINE."

The band took the song to production with Slaughter after sharing the single at live performances and on their radio tour.  On the heels of their successful debut "The Lover"' which was #60 on the Music Row Charts they are ready to push "Like That" up the charts. 

Courtney Miller collaborated with the band to create the story line for the lyric video “Like That”. RIVERSHINE has been thrilled with how much the fans absolutely love this song at their live performances and the response to it during their short radio tour to promote the new single. Stay tuned for more new music from RIVERSHINE as they look to release their next single in the new year towards the end of January 2020! They are currently working this new single on Music Row and look forward to their fans hearing the single!

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