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Review: "Way Way Back" by Donovan Woods

Successful award-winning pop artist Donovan Woods has just dropped a new single in the form of "Way Way Back."

Starting with an acoustic guitar riff, Donovan immediately graces the listener with the presence of his R&B-inspired voice. The song only builds from their, as some electronic effects come in, with some reverb in his voice in the pre-chorus.

The song seems to tell of a relationship that goes "way way back," as the song title suggests. The protagonist seemed to have messed up in some aspect, and he deeply regrets it, even willing to travel "in shorts and a backpack" to see his lover again.

Overall, a great, feel good song by Donovan, who is no stranger to working with big names (Tim McGraw and Charles Kelley to name a few). This fall, Donovan will be opening for Ruston Kelley for his fall tour, and will be premiering new music that he has written alongside "Way Way Back."


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