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Review: "Underneath The Skin" by Campbell Harrison

Atlanta-born singer-songwriter Campbell Harrison dropped his newest single, "Underneath The Skin," this past Friday, and it's available on all digital download and streaming sites.

From the opening lines, mentioning how "When she smiles, it feels like sunshine" and "When she cries, it falls like rain," we are immediately greeted by a person who seems entranced by the emotion expressed towards his lover. This is sung with the backing of an acoustic guitar passage. The bass and drums enter as Campbell sings another verse. The chorus mentions the couple free as a bird and as strong as a tree, with that feeling is only reinforced with a female singer harmonizing with Campbell. The song, more or less, continues in the same manner all the way to the end.

Campbell's vocals sound very subdued and emotional, perfect for the vibe of this song. The instrumentation is great too, with a great slide guitar solo.

Great tune Campbell, we are very exited for what may lie ahead for you, and we hope that, along the way, you'll stay strong as a tree.

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Known for powerful lyrics and catchy melodies, Nashville singer-songwriter Campbell Harrison has been aptly described as a blend between Jack Johnson, Ray LaMontagne and John Mayer. Yet, he’s managed to craft a sound wholly unique and instantly recognizable. “Don't let the Americana label and Harrison’s mellow voice fool you,” says Gregory Sweet of KSVR FM. “There’s a hard edge to his music along with deep lyrics and great guitar work.”  You can't put this young man into one genre, as a singer-songwriter and vocalist he can take you on a journey that includes Americana, Rock, Swamp, Folk, Blues and Country.  He certainly has developed a distinct styling of his music, it is not hard to know the voice behind the songs. Splitting time between the studio and performing, Campbell is touring the southeast as both a solo act and The Campbell Harrison Band. He can be found on the row frequently sharing writer rounds with some of the best songwriters born from the music city.  Catch his latest single "Underneath The Skin" which releases to all digital retailers on October 4th, 2019. 


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