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Review: Tyler Boone "Paper Wings"

Author: Lois Zozobrado

With over a million streams on Spotify, a new record deal with Tom Sarig (Lou Reed, CAKE, The Gaslight Anthem, Bryan Ferry) under Antifragile Music, and an upcoming album that is soon to be released this summer, Tyler Boone has nothing but success this year.

This past Friday on February 21, 2020, the Americana artist released a remix of his 2016 single “Paper Wings”. This collaboration between Boone and the amazing, Majeed Fick truly turns this the laidback Country/Americana single into a whimsical house tune.

When listening to the intro of the song, Owl City’s “Fireflies” come to mind. This simple and upbeat rhythm transitions into Boone’s verse well. His song,“Paper Wings” is about someone leaving his/her significant other and flying back into the groove of being single. Fick’s composition mixed with Boone’s lyrics changes the overall tone of the piece to being nostalgic and reminiscent. Rather than being upset or heartbroken, the narrator of this story is rather content to be going into the single life saying he/she is “going back to the things I used to love” and “I’ll admit I am excited I won’t be seeing you”. Boone does an excellent job telling this story using descriptive phrases while weaving in some interesting concepts such as “hearts paying dues” or throwing the load of love “into the rain” and My favorite line would have to be the tagline “you took it all except your paper wings”. As a listener, I feel as if Boone is alluding that the narrator’s significant other still has yet to move on from the relationship while the narrator himself is ready to fly high to better endeavors in life. Regardless if this is about a romantic or friendship, one can easily dance to this bop in celebration of escaping a toxic scenario. Freedom is a beautiful thing and Boone’s lyrics along with Fick’s artistic elements illustrates that perfectly.

Tyler Boone will be making his first headliner debut at The Hotel Cafe in Los Angeles on February 29. Website :


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