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Review: The Perfect Summer Jam by Love Power the Band "You are Already Free"

If you are looking for a new song to add to a summer playlist, then “You Are Already Free” by Love Power the Band is just what you need! Featuring classic lofi-pop style instrumentals and ambient vocals, this song is perfect for late-night drives and summer road trips with the windows down. The casual backing track paired with a strong vocal melody makes this piece one of a kind, but there are some

familiar aspects for listeners who like indie music.

The lyrics sing of a call

to people around the world, telling them to experience life’s joys while they still can. Echoing the feeling of the instrumentals, the lyrics have an upbeat and encouraging feel to them. It makes this piece a great high-energy piece to jam out to! Ananda Xenia Shakti with Love Power the Band has taken that initial spark they had as the B-Girls into a completely new reality of song, dance and wholeness, while keeping her fire that knows life is here to be transformed. She and her band members have worked tirelessly to bring a new kind of sound to their repertoire.


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