Review: Sleep Nation Releases Out-Of-This World Music Video "Headlights"

In a modernized take of the 1961 Wayne Cochran classic, “Last Kiss”, Sleep Nations’ new video “Headlights” does not disappoint. The song tells a story of a young lover who loses his partner in a car crash, and is brought to life with an interstellar-like take of the tragedy. While the meaning of the song is grim in and of itself, the video feels like an exciting journey through space and time. And with a groove reminiscent of Red Hot Chili Peppers and a presence similar to that of David Bowie, this energy in this song is immaculate.

At the start of the video, we are immediately taken aback by the cosmic-like green text that appears on the screen. The objective reading: “Orbit earth”. From there we are taken on a bumpy ride, as we see the band decked out in astronaut gear, driving in a space-car through the stars. Bran Merrit, the lead singer and guitarist, haunts us with chilling vocals. He appears troubled by the situation and as the song progresses, the tension only continues to intensify. The video comes to full fruition with a driving guitar solo paired with what seems to be the space car losing complete control. The screen goes dark and we are yet again met with the mesmerizing green text, stating: “We’ve lost two in hyper-space - they’re gone”. This begs the question: what exactly does this represent? Why are two lost and not just one? Is this Sleep Nation’s way of saying when one lover is lost, the other may be lost as well?

Sleep Nation has done a fantastic job at capturing the essence of “Last Kiss” through their own take on “Headlights”. Be sure to stream the song on all digital streaming platforms and watch the 7-minute long journey available now on YouTube.