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Review: Singer-Songwriter Mark Elliott Releases His New Single "Hear Your Voice"

Mark Elliott perfectly embodies the modern country singer/songwriter esthetic in his lyrics, vocals, and style. No stranger to Nashville, his years of writing experience shine through in his own music.

Elliott’s upcoming single “Hear Your Voice” is a study in heartbreak. While the sound is very much modern country, the lyrics are deeply rooted in the soulful country of the 70’s and 80’s. His heartfelt words speak to the dichotomy of longing for someone, yet knowing that being apart is for the best. The caller on the other end of the line may want to try again, but deep down, you know it would be a mistake.

A slight diversion from his usual feel, “Hear Your Voice” will have you rocking out with its modern, upbeat country feel. The unexpected positive feel to the music sits in contrast with the lyrics, and helps illustrate the back and forth feelings in a tough relationship. The mind is thinking logically that they “haven’t changed”, while the heart wants them “here right now”.

“Hear Your Voice” is sure to be an instant hit, connecting to country lovers everywhere. Available on all streaming & download platforms.


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