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Review: Rachele Lynae Drops Her New Single "Vinyl"

Author: Lois Zozobrado

After a six-year hiatus since her last album, watch out 2020 because Rachele Lynae is kickin’ the dust up with her new album, “Every Reason” through a series of releases. So far her January release, “Braggin On Ya '' gave listeners a taste of Lynae’s sassy side as she talks about her admiration for her husband. Next, came “Can You”, that gave February a cleverly written song that will definitely make it difficult for someone to get this infectious melody out of their heads. Within March around the corner, it is doubtful that her next release entitled, “Vinyl” won’t be a fun-filled, toe-tapping tune.

What you hear is what Rachele projects in real life-authenticity and passion". In a lovely interview, she explained how the country's “powerhouse women '' from her childhood (Reba, Faith Hill, Shaina Twain etc) highly influenced her to become the strong-willed songwriter she is today. “I wanted to produce a collection of songs that I would genuinely love from the top-down” she emphasized. Because artists frequently run into the common trichotomy between producing content in the interests of the music industry, people and self, I found her determination to put out her wants as opposed to what consumers may want to hear admirable. Making this album was not a walk in the park as Lynae discussed how she struggled to narrow down over 50 of what she described her “song babies” to just a few songs that encompass the theme of her album.

Stay tuned for her next release by checking her website


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