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Review: Powers and the People's Latest Single "hungover" Illustrates Exciting Versatility and Grit

Rising Nashville band Powers and the People are back to release their second single titled “hungover.” As an up and coming band, Powers and the People are showing off their musical versatility with each new release. Their first single, “If It Ain’t Broke,” was an upbeat pop groove that told the story of a relationship that thrived despite seeming impossible. “Hungover,” meanwhile, is a gritty, pop-punk anthem for anyone who is getting over a toxic relationship.

Throughout the song, one thing is made clear: the band, while only having two singles released, has a polished sound that shows off every member. The drums hit hard on every beat, giving an almost electrifying energy to the song while the bass lays down a deep, fresh groove. Meanwhile, the guitar’s harsh, distorted sound contrasts with the keys, pulling everything together. And over the top of it all, the vocals tell the story of a toxic ex who, as the entire band reminds us before the final chorus, “ain’t sh*t.” A perfect follow up to their first single, “hungover” is a must listen to this summer.

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