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Review: Pete Price Shows off his Solo Talent with Americana Tune "Before I Go"

Lead guitarist of The Fries Band Pete Price set out on his solo career in 2022, gifting Americana fans with "Before I Go," a song off his debut album "Department of the Interior." A song about leaving an old life behind, Pete's wise voice and story telling lyrics draw listeners in. Beginning the song with playful jazz melody and steady drum beat, Pete sings, "Before I go I'd like to say/That if I've hurt you in any way/I'm sorry." Pete goes on to ask the listener to remember him fondly, in good memories or maybe even in heaven. The comforting melody throughout the song makes for easy listening, while the guitar solos build intensity and meld genres seamlessly. For example, the guitar solo after the second verse has a distinct jazz sound followed by a stark rock riff, enticing fans of many different styles of music. The drums also create an exciting energy leading up to the final chorus with poignant lyrics, "And in that time I'll have to say/I love you/I love you."

With influences from Neil Young, Simon and Garfunkel, and James Taylor, and the Beatles, Pete's music is both introspective and instrumentally interesting. He uses finger picking techniques paired with jazz and rock melodies to create a unique blend of yacht rock, jazz, Americana, and rock-country genres. "Before I Go" is a provocative look into Pete's talent as a solo artist, and I can't wait to see what he releases next. With impressive writing and freeing melodies, I give this song four thumbs up!

About Pete Price

Pete Price has been the lead guitarist in The Fries Band for the past 30 years. Born in Ferguson, Missouri and raised in Dayton, Ohio, Pete began writing and performing his own songs as a teen, first at church and local Dayton bars and later at open stages and clubs in Denver, CO. He returned to Dayton in the late ‘80’s and started performing at Canal St. Tavern, joining The Fries Band in 1992. With the Fries Band, Pete opened for numerous national acts including The Guess Who, Gladys Knight and The Pips, Martina McBride, Steve Morse (Dixie Dregs), Mick Fleetwood and the Zoo, and Kansas. Pete embarked on a solo career in 2022, releasing his first album, "Department of the Interior" as a side project.

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