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Review: "No One Cares" by Elizabeth The Second

Scottish hard rock power trio Elizabeth The Second has just dropped the first single of their upcoming EP entitled "No One Cares." This group consists of Ben Moro on lead vocals and guitar, Michele Venturini on bass, and drummer Luca Gallato.

The opening riff of this song just hits you like a truck and takes you on a three and a half minute journey into hard rock heaven. "No One Cares" sounds like an homage to both the Britpop sound of Blur and Oasis and the new age garage rock sound of The Strokes and The Arctic Monkeys. The band sounds really tight on the recording, and includes a great guitar solo by Ben Moro. Venturini and Gallato sound as tight as ever as a rhythm section, as mentioned in the song by Moro himself. The song includes a powerful ending where Moro screams "YOU'RE WASTED BABY!!!!" before counting to four and ending abruptly.

Elizabeth The Second delivers a kick-ass debut single from their upcoming EP "Two Margaritas at Fifty-Five," which drops on November 9th.

You can catch up with the band on their facebook page:


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