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Review: Megan Knight Releases Her New EP "My Drama"

Megan Knight released her new EP, “My Drama.” In each track, Megan takes you through the stages of grief (denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance). “My Drama” EP is available now for streaming & download. You can click here to listen.

Megan catches your attention right away with the opening and title track, “My Drama.” The song has a bit of a rock vibe that gets you moving to the beat from the intro alone. The lyrics of the chorus “Together we’re a work of art/ Never meant to be torn apart/ I can deal with your demons and trauma/ If you can live with me and my drama” are not only beautifully clever but also incredibly catchy.

The second track, “Hard Way To Go,” has a powerful intro that has a strong country flare. Knight’s vocals are showcased perfectly with every high note she sings. The buildup of the instrumentals throughout the song gets you excited and ready to let out all your pent-up aggression.

“Novocaine,” the next track, slows things down a bit with its calmer nature. Knight sings about how she is numb from the pain and “can’t feel anything anymore” due to the effect of novocaine. It gives a bit more of a serious feel to the narrative.

The fourth track, “Easy To Forget,” has a sassy feel that can be noticed from the opening chords. Knight describes a time when she felt lost in her life. The guitar riffs included in the song give it the funky feel that makes it so unique.

The EP closes with “Take It To The Grave.” This song is about how sometimes things are “better left unsaid.” This is a feeling many people can relate to as oftentimes, people don’t tell their lover everything they want to, leaving them feeling “haunted.” Knight provides the groundwork for some deep life reflection with her lyrics.

Connect with Megan Knight here.


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