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Review: Lady Redneck Pays Tribute to her dad with Heartfelt Single "I Wonder About You"

On the heels of her Prayze Gospel Awards nominations, and her Josie

Music Awards nominations, Lady Redneck released her latest single, "I Wonder About

You," on May 12th, 2023. The heartfelt song, written by Stephanie's dad, is a tribute to him and

his enduring influence on her life and music career. It is the follow-up to her #1 UK iTunes

Christian hit, “All Things.”

In "I Wonder About You," Lady Redneck reflects on the lasting impact her dad has had on her

life, from her childhood memories to her journey as a singer-songwriter. With organic guitar picking and slides, bass walk-downs, and honest lyrics, the single gives life to the classic 90's country sound. Lady Redneck's storytelling spirit is evident in lyrics such as, "We used to talk of growing old/And joining hands as we went down the road," and the heart-wrenching line in the final chorus,"I realize that I'll never see you again." Listeners can hear the sheer emotion in her strong vocals, demonstrating the genuine friendship and mentorship she experienced with her father. The song is a touching

tribute to a father-daughter bond that endures through the years.

Lady Redneck's fans have eagerly anticipated the release of this new single, and the artist is

excited to have finally shared it with them. "I Wonder About You" promises to be another hit for this talented singer-songwriter, whose passion for music and faith shines through in every performance.

Lady Redneck's music is available on all major streaming platforms. To learn more about Lady

Redneck and her upcoming releases, visit her website or follow her on social media.

Connect with Lady Redneck: Website/Instagram/Facebook/Twitter/TikTok


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