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Review: Kristen Kae "Just Watch Me"

Kristen Kae’s latest single “Just Watch Me” is almost as fiery as her personality. Her powerful chorus says it all. With lines like “Yeah, just watch me I’ll prove you wrong / This girl has got grit, determination” Kae’s message is clear: she’s a force not to be reckoned with. This song sends a strong message of courage and conviction, along with an admirable sense of self-confidence. What makes Kae’s song even more powerful is the variety in her vocal range. Her deep, yet smooth sound, paired with a soft chorus makes the song even more intriguing. Kae's latest single "Just Watch Me" is the perfect song for a boost of self-confidence and encouragement. She brings the lyrics and story to life in with her powerful lyric video. There is not doubt that Kristen Kae is here to stay in the country music scene. Note: Kristen is 1/4 of the All female country band The Highway Women.

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