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Review: Kimi Kazee Releases Her New Single "Live With It"

Kimi Kazee continues to develop her own sound and maneuver her way through the pop-EDM world with her latest release “Live With It”. Her new single will leave her listeners mesmerized and finding themselves relating to her powerful lyrics, as her song touches on issues that many of us are all too familiar with. Kazee’s release describes her personal struggles in regards to uncertainty and understanding how to convey one’s emotions, and that sometimes we have to come to terms with and live with it.

“Live With It” sends a raw and engaging message to her fans, and lets them know that they are not alone in their own personal battles. Her reflective message combines with a captivating, electronic sound, and is the perfect tune to completely engage with and let yourself get lost in. Be sure to check out Kimi Kazee’s newest hit “Live With It”, available on all digital download and streaming platforms now. Listen here:


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