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Review: Kathryn Shipley Releases Stunning Inspirational Country Song "Your Love is Enough"

Kathryn Shipley is a gifted country singer songwriter that brings the passion of her faith to her music. Her new single, “Your Love Is Enough” releases on June 5th, 2020 premiering exclusively on Country Blast Radio and is Debuted on Apple Hot Tracks Country. Download and Streaming Links

Review: “'Your Love Is Enough' is the newest single from gifted singer-songwriter Kathryn Shipley. Kathryn again brings to us a beautiful encapsulation of the feeling we all need in these times, that we are loved both by God and the world. Kathryn's lyrics come straight from the heart, as she sings “You called my name, your love erased my shame, your death it took my place.” These lyrics evoke Kathryn’s deep understanding of love and reassures the listener that they are also loved. The bare instrumental throughout the first chorus featuring solely Kathryn’s vocals and harmony vocals is impactful and raw. And with the introduction of drums, bass, and a weeping pedal steel soaked in reverb, the song builds its energy to a climactic second chorus, followed by a lush guitar solo. The instrumentation in “Your Love Is Enough” greatly compliments Kathryn’s voice, allowing her to soar over the guitars and drums, yet still mesh seamlessly with the bass to create a warm and rich sound. As the bridge soldiers on it builds in feeling until the final release at the last chorus, when Kathryn leads the song to a fantastic end. “Your Love is Enough” so purely exudes a message of love and understanding it will undoubtedly bring a smile to your face whenever you need one." - Nathaniel Joyce, Music Update Central The song was produced by Daniel Dennis of Prime Cut Studios in Nashville, TN (music, background vocals, mix & mastering) Daniel Dennis - Prime Cut, Nashville, Tennessee. Producer Quentin Stephenson (vocals) O'Fallon, Missouri. Background Vocals: Angela Hurt & Daniel Dennis. Songwriters: Christopher Drew Miller, Kiersten Rose.  Kathryn will be releasing a music video for "Your Love Is Enough" later this month June 2020. 


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