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Review: Jessie Haines Moves On In New Single "A New Place"

Country pop singer-songwriter Jessie Haines has released her latest single “A New Place”. This song is going to be featured on her upcoming album “The Phoenix”. In Jessie’s words “It’s about the transition out of a tough relationship. I literally wrote it while being surrounded by moving boxes. I found myself in a new reality and channeled those emotions into this song.”

The song starts strong as a guitar plays a country melody with an enticing pop twist that immediately draws you in. The music backs down and lets the lyrics shine through as Jessie begins to sing about her new life. Through her lyrics in the chorus, “And the last time that I saw you / You were crying on the floor / Saying all the same old fake shit / Already heard it before” Jessie is showing that she is not messing around. She is done with all of the bullshit. Listeners can feel how annoyed Jessie is with all of the “same old fake shit” as she belts out “Honey I am not coming home!” I can see all the people that relate to this song screaming out this line as they dance along to the music. It’s one of those lines that strikes you to your core and makes you feel heard. A line I love is “Even though I’ll always love you / I gotta do what I need to do.” With these lyrics, Jessie is recognizing that sometimes what you need to do isn’t always what you want to do. It can be hard to make those decisions but this song could give someone the courage they need to do it. Jessie did an amazing job at channeling all of the emotions that come with leaving a bad situation and the refreshing, though scary, feelings of starting over. I give this song 4 stars, the music was engaging and the lyrics were authentic. I can’t wait to hear the whole album!

You can stream this tune on Spotify or YouTube now!

Check out her acoustic rendition of “A New Place” here!

Connect with Jessie Haines: Website


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